reflecting, hoping, predicting

What 2011 brought (in no particular order):
  • A wonderful first year of marriage to my smart, handsome, caring husband, Mark 
  • An amazing cross-country motorcycle trip with my father
  • Grunt Girl Racing: a team of ladies who are inspiring, strong, and just plain fun!
  • Two adorable, cuddly (albeit weird at times) cats, Dirk and Henry 
  • Fabulous times with friends
  • I wasn’t let go at work, Laura got to stay at the high school, and I got my own classroom. Winning!
  • Sara had her beautiful, happy baby boy, Jack.
  • Ann Marie is finally getting her new house
  • Another successful race season where I PR’d in just about everything – boom
  • Another successful fall play, The Importance of Being Earnest
  • Amazing students who I adore and am excited to see every day
What I am sure 2012 will bring (in no particular order):
  • Another lovely year of marriage to my best friend
  • More PR’s in races as I intend to thoroughly kick ass this year
  • More pictures posted to FB of Dirk and Henry acting crazy and posing at odd angles
  • Even more fabulous times with friends
  • Laura’s inevitably beautiful, well-tempered baby girl
  • A housewarming party at Ann Marie’s new house
  • Jack walking and talking more (If I can get him to say “Aunt Jenny is awesome,” it will be a banner year.)
  • A super successful spring musical, 42nd Street
What 2012 needs to bring (in no particular order):
  • Obama, re-elected
  • An economy on the rise
  • A marriage proposal or two (You know who you are!)
  • An English Department schedule where we all walk away happy
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