Mud, sweat, and smiles

muddy love

The trails behind the Rocky River Nature Center have to be some of my favorite. A smile spreads across my face whenever I walk up long pathway leading to the center itself, and once I hit the trails – though I’ve been there countless times before – it always feels fresh and new. Yesterday was my first trail run of the season, and though the park was packed and I typically like to run when it’s a little quieter, I was thrilled to see so many people enjoying the beautiful weather. This particular run was not about form and training; it was purely for fun. In fact, I’m quite sure I resembled Phoebe á la Friendsince there was much flailing of the arms and grinning like a fool; however, when I looked into the faces of my trail-going companions as I passed them on the paths, I saw the same look on their faces, the same spring in their steps. It’s amazing how a little sunny weather and a natural setting can inspire that much joy.

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