Update to Phase 2

Well, my surgery has officially been scheduled for December 31st. For those interested parties, the technical terminology for what I’m having done is “right hip arthroscopy partial labrectomy vs repair, possible femoroplasty, iliopsoas release.” In a nutshell, repairing the labral cartilage and possibly releasing a portion of my tendon since that is also causing some issues (popping, inflammation, other fun things).

I have to admit, this is all a little scary. Just look at those words! Anything that ends in “ectomy” is automatically frightening. And surgery is always a little sketchy, what with that whole risk of dying thing. But hey, no pain no gain, right? (insert nervous laugh here)

However, I have reached the point in this l o n g journey I like to call the “Never-Ending Carnival Ride of Frustration” where I’m sick of feeling angry, sad, and helpless most of the time. I’m looking at this surgery with shining, optimistic eyes. I’ll be ending my 2012 with surgery, but I’ll be starting my 2013 with healing.

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