Day One: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, and it truly is for me! While 2012 brought some really great events   – the birth of my friends’ beautiful baby girls Nora and Mae and the engagement of our friends Adam and Kathryn – it also brought some truly yucky poop on a stick. By the way, I promise it’s not the pain medication talking; I happen to use the term “poop on a stick” quite frequently. I highly suggest you try working it into your everyday vernacular. However, I digress. Now that 2012 is over with, I’m not going to dwell on the poop. This is officially my first day of healing, and despite being in a considerable amount of pain, I’m feeling fantastic and optimistic.

Waiting to go into surgery!

Waiting to go into surgery!

The surgery went better than expected. Once they got in there, it was discovered that the labrum was not in fact torn; it was merely frayed. What was causing me the most pain was that it was being pinched by muscle tissue, which has now been remedied. They successfully lengthened my hip flexor tendon, but as a result, I am unable to lift my leg at all. That is a truly weird sensation, but the ability should return in a couple of days.

I know there were a couple more little items taken care, but I was

How you doin'?

How you doin’?

so completely out of it when they were explaining things to me that I forget, and though he has been a phenomenal caretaker, my husband has the memory of a gold fish, so he too cannot recall the other details of my surgery. Oh well. My leg was not amputated; therefore, Jenny is a happy girl. I’ll get the full scoop at my follow-up.

Now for the one of the best pieces of news for the start of my 2013:

(pause for effect)

I don’t have to wear the brace! Since the labrum was not torn, the brace is not a necessity. Phew! I was pretty darn worried about that cumbersome contraption. The logistics of how I was going to pee were simply anxiety inducing.

Lorna Doone's and Gatorade: the recovery food of champions.

Lorna Doone’s and Gatorade: the recovery food of champions.

Walker = bad ass

Walker = bad ass

There is no rest for the weary, however. Every day starting today I have a series of exercises I will need to complete. The Cleveland Clinic has outlined a 25-week plan for my recovery, detailing what exercises I am to do and when. I will start on-site physical therapy tomorrow, and I must say, I’m pretty jazzed to see my peeps at the Avon CC. I think I’m more excited about this physical therapy than I was for the first round because I know the end result will be me back to my old self. Wait, no. That’s not right. I will not return to my old self. I will become a new self, a better self, a smarter and healthier self. Hey 2013, the new and improved JLD has arrived!

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