Day 2: first day of physical therapy

And as the title implies, today we managed to get my un-showered butt out of the house and off to physical therapy. As of now, the therapy is pretty tame. I still do not have the ability to move my leg on my own, so the exercises require the assistance of another. Mark learned from Steve how to properly assist, and I must say that even with the limited range of motion, it felt really great to have my leg moved and stretched.

The man, the myth, the legend: Stephe

The man, the myth, the legend: Steve

I will have to go to physical therapy once a week for the next five weeks. Once I’m able to do more of the physically intense exercises, the frequency of my visits will increase. Of course I will have to keep up with all of my exercises at home, but that will not be an issue. I have learned that physical therapy makes all the difference in the world, so I am 100% motivated to keep up with it.

As of now, two days post-op, I am permitted to put a small amount of weight on my right leg. Since there was no actual “repair” of the cartilage, there is no real worry of my damaging anything internally. Still, since my hip was dislocated and some of the hip flexor was released, I have to make sure not to get too nutty.

My favorite part: the post-therapy icing

My favorite part: the post-therapy icing

So far the biggest challenges are that I want nothing more than to cross my leg, a huge no-no. I also would love to rip off my dressings and scratch the hell out of my sutures. I am allowed to take off the bandages tomorrow, after which I will then we wrapping myself in a layer of Glad Press-n-Seal and taking the hottest shower known to man.

Tonight’s biggest challenge is going to be getting up stairs. I’ve been sleeping on my couch for the past two nights, and though that hasn’t been awful, the cats have been making use of me as if I am their personal heating pad. They don’t weigh much, but at 3:30 in the morning when the pain killers wear off, they aren’t exactly making it easy to remedy that situation. They also tend to think that I’m waking up for the sole purpose of playing with them. If that sounds cute to you, then you may be a dog person.

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