Day 4: friends and progression

Straight from the Vortexes to help me heal. Thanks Ann Marie!

Straight from the Vortexes to help me heal. Thanks Ann Marie!

My friends are truly the best. From those who have sent me messages on Facebook, to the emails, to the phone calls, to the visits, I feel truly blessed to have such a great group of people who care about me. Having a clear, focused, and worry-free mind will only boost my healing, and my friends are helping to provide that for me.

Speaking of healing, mine is progressing quite nicely. This morning I discovered that I’ve regained quite a bit more mobility in my leg. As I was waking up, I instinctively went to adjust my leg, and low and behold I could! It’s not like I was doing leg raises, but just that small bit of movement felt like so much compared to my complete lack of ability earlier this week. I can also stand up a little bit more easily on my own, though I still struggle a tad with sitting back down. Getting up stairs is a piece of cake, but coming down is not only challenging, it is exhausting. Still, I’m happy with the progression. I’ve continued to sleep on the couch (much to my chagrin), but it has been helping restrict the movement of my leg so I don’t accidentally cross or bend it. Tonight I am going to try to sleep in my bed. Fingers crossed I don’t wake up, legs crossed, screaming in agony, scaring the s*** out of Mark.

sexy hospital compression sleeves

sexy hospital compression sleeves

The "cool" sleeves and the cool cats.

The “cool” sleeves and the cool cats.

Another part of the recovery is having to wear compression sleeves on my legs to help prevent blood clotting. Since I have to wear them for two weeks, I called my doctor yesterday and asked if I could wear my own CEP’s instead of the ones the hospital provided. The hospital sleeves had weird footies and looked like a something a candy striper/hooker would wear, so, yeah…I was not down with those. Also, mine are green, which is my favorite color. Yes, I’m that vain.

Other than that, it has been a pretty tame day. I loved having a visit from Ann Marie, but now I have some grading I need to take care of. I can see from my little bed on the couch that it’s a beautiful, sunny day in Cleveland, Ohio, so to those of you who can actually get out there, run/hike one for me.

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    Isaac Hall


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