Day 6: mentally preparing for the return to “normalcy”

Tomorrow I return to work. While I miss my students, I do not look forward to maneuvering around the school on crutches. I don’t have my own classroom this year, so I travel from room to room…in crowded hallways…with lots of teenagers…who don’t give a hooping funt if they are in a person’s way or not. “Save your PDAs for the lunch room, kiddies, and get out of my way!” I have visions of my yelling this in a little old lady voice as I vault myself through the throngs of hormones.

It’s impossible to carry things while using crutches, so I’m going to have to recruit some helpers at school. My friend Ann Marie has to pick me up and take me home from work, and I can’t even begin to think about how in the hell I’m going to make dinner for myself/do anything since Mark will be back at work. In case you haven’t already put two and two together, I’m not a fan of depending on others for my, well, survival. The silly  factor in all of this is how not jazzed I am at the prospect of being alone. Ah, you sneaky Catch 22 (wink)! However, I am quite fortunate to have folks in my life who I can in fact depend upon. I’m not going to lie, though – I’ve tossed around the idea of getting a Life Alert. I mean, I did have hip surgery, so I’m practically geriatric. It just felt right. Alas, I opted not to go down that road…yet.

Now for something completely off topic. I spent the last two days watching the John Adams series from HBO upon the recommendation of a student. If you’re recovering from surgery, staying in due to illness, and/or you are an Early American history buff like me, you should absolutely watch this series! I challenge you not to fall completely in love with John and Abigail Adams. Their relationship was truly remarkable. Also, I think Thomas Jefferson and John Adams may have had the first “bromance.” Food for thought.

John Adams was a boss.

John Adams was a boss.





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4 Responses to Day 6: mentally preparing for the return to “normalcy”

  1. Good luck on your return to work. As for John Adams, that was great mini series. My running buddy and I were discussing it today


  2. Eric says:

    Did you buy your elevator pass for the high school? I’m sure a senior can sell you one.

    Maybe you should wear your cell phone around your neck like some awesome 90’s bling.


    • jayelldee says:

      I am TOTALLY getting a chain for my cell phone Best idea EVER! I’ll be a trend setter. You’re dating yourself with that pass comment. 😉 The elevator is only used for the incapacitated and to move books. There is a special key for it. I think they are afraid someone will get stuck in it. It will probably be me.


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