Day 7: One week down!



I returned to work today both excited to see my kids and to hear about their winter break shenanigans, but I also returned with trepidation. I knew it was going to be challenging getting around, but my fellow staff members and students were so incredibly sympathetic and helpful that getting around was the easy part. I didn’t realize how much I missed the kids until I saw them today. We spent a good 10 minutes in each of my periods just catching up (time I greatly value) but then it was time to get down to the nitty-gritty and review for semester exams.

Though I had a really good day, by mid-afternoon I was hurting a significant amount. Sitting is actually the worst position for this sort of injury since bending at the hip stretches the labral cartilage and the tendons. I tried to mix it up with standing while leaning on the crutches, but that got tiresome since the majority of my weight had to be placed on one leg. Lying down is the best position for hip injuries/recoveries such as mine; however, lying down is not exactly practical to do at school without both confusing the students and most likely contracting something along the lines of the bubonic plague. I opted just to tough it out, but I have decided to stay home tomorrow. I think it wise to give myself at least one more day to recuperate, and since Wednesday through Friday are exam days, the rest of the week should be a cake walk, er, crutch.

(Sorry for the lack of segue here.)

Other than missing him, my first night without my husband’s assistance has gone well, all due in part to my amazing family. Both my parents and my sister live close by, and tonight Dad and sister Sara stopped in to help. I try very hard not to take the “small things” in life for granted, but it is easy to forget that there are oodles of small things that need to be taken care in a home on a day-to-day basis that are nearly impossible to accomplish while on crutches. Major props to my family for cleaning out the littler box, carrying my dinner from the kitchen to the living room, and emptying my dishwasher. If only the cats had thumbs. Perhaps I can outfit them with saddlebags. You know someone on Etsy makes those.

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