Day 9: pooped but happy (“poopy”?)

Today was a tiring day but luckily it went by quickly, and that’s always a good thing. My recovery update is short but sweet. I tested putting more weight on my leg – “using pain as my guide,” as my PTs at the Cleveland Clinic always and smartly advise – and it went well. I was able to hobble around my classroom with one crutch instead of two, and I really didn’t start to feel sore until the end of the day, as opposed to on Monday when I was ready to throw in the towel around 10:00 AM.

Still, I’m trying to take it easy the rest of tonight. I am once more posted up on my couch, and the great ambition of the evening is to grade at least half of my 11 Honors semester exam essays. The more I get done this week, the less I have to do this weekend, and since it’s my birthday weekend (yes, I get the entire weekend), I know I’m not going to feel motivated to do much of anything other than celebrate with my family and stuff my face with cupcakes. Cupcakes. Mmmm…

Alright, enough of this frivolity. It’s time for this girl to critique some teenage wisdom. You know you’re jealous. Happy Hump Day, friends!

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