Day 10: insert clever title here


Jen, my PT, (who refused to be pictured) is simply pulling on my leg, yet it felt better than a massage. Ahh…

Ah physical therapy. How I love thee!

My second round of post-surgery therapy was fantastic! It felt so deliciously soothing to be stretched out and moved around. I was a little sore, but that’s only because I walked around on the leg a little bit more today. My office and classrooms are not exactly conducive to crutching it, but luckily my hip has been putting up with the added pressure. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been trying to add a little more weight each day, testing what my hip can handle. I hope I’m not being overly optimistic, but I feel like I’m bouncing back fairly quickly.



The highlight of today, however, was that I was able to ride the stationary bike for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES! I was so happy that I was literally singing while pedaling, much to the mortification of my sister. Of course I owe a big shout out to my sister for taking me to my appointment and then serving as my paparazzi. You’re the best, sis!

Because this pic makes my sister laugh so much, I had to include. Silly as it looks, I as in heaven!

Because this pic. makes my sister laugh so much, I had to include it. Silly as it looks, I was in heaven!

Tuesday is my first post-op doctor’s appointment. My itchy, crusty stitches (you’re welcome for that imagery) will finally be removed, and I will once more be able to shower like a human. I’m also hoping that I will be told I can ditch the crutches. My fear, naturally, is that they will take one look at me and say “You look like you’ve been walking around too much. We’re keeping you on the crutches for another two weeks.” I realize this nightmare is absurd, but I still can’t prevent it from playing over in my mind as I drift off to sleep each night. Eek! Keep your fingers crossed for me, friends, and have a happy Friday tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Day 10: insert clever title here

  1. Joanne O'Malley says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I had a labral tear repair last week. Your blog is helping me to gauge how I am doing. BTW, you were lucky not to have the brace! It is is cumbersome!


    • jayelldee says:

      Thank you, Joanne. I’m glad my blog is helping; that’s exactly why I documented my recovery. Hang in there. The first couple of months can be very frustrating, but you’ll get through it. I wish you the best of luck!


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