Day 12: PT (Party Time)

So, I know it is technically “Day 13” as I write this, but with our super sweet combo birthday bash, it was hard to find time to write.

Here are a few things about today that were awesome:

1. I went sans crutches a lot today (not awesome) and while I was feeling quite sore after I was done cleaning the house and prepping for the party (still not awesome), an anti-inflamatory and an ice pack did the trick to chase away majority of the soreness (There’s the awesome!). Tomorrow will be a day of leisure and icing, however, just to make me feel less of a horrible person.

It's the little things in life...

It’s the little things in life.

2. I forgot to mention a couple of posts ago that I found a band-aid that is actually waterproof! This may not sound so amazing to all of you people who don’t have holes in your body that shouldn’t normally be there, but for someone who has repeatedly been told that she must keep her sutures dry or demons will eat her soul, these band-aids made all the difference in the world. (I would like to clarify that no one at the Cleveland Clinic told me demons would eat my soul if I got my sutures wet. That expression was used merely for emphasis. Please don’t sue me, Cleveland Clinic.)

3. I am a very lucky and spoiled lady. Not only did my family (both my immediate and my in-laws) shower Mark and I with wonderful birthday gifts, Mark also surprised me with a pair of diamond earrings. I know they’re just “things,” but I feel all loved and sparkly, inside and out!


Mark’s awesome Browns slippers

3 little birds

The birds were a gift. Then my sisters-in-law decided they wanted to create a scene with breadcrumbs and poop (dip). I love my family!

4. It was freakishly (albeit pleasantly) warm in Northeastern Ohio today. By the looks of FB, a lot of my friends got out there for some runs and rides. I hope you all had a wonderful time, and I can’t wait to join you.

5. The cupcakes were so yummy! Maggie from Sweet Little Things hooked us up with some seriously tasty treats. The “French Toast” and “Elvis Presley” were FANTASTIC. Thank you so much!

Ok. It’s time for bed.

So long. Farewell.  Auf wiedersehen. Goodnight. (I received The Sound of Music on Blu-Ray, so that seemed apropos.)

Cozy and happy!

Cozy and happy!

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