Day 14: Two weeks down and going strong!

Tomorrow is the big day: I’m getting the stitches removed! I’ll finally be able to shower like a “normal” human being. I’m going to cross all crossable body parts that I will be told I can ditch the crutches as well.

And here’s a fun surprise: I drove myself to work today! Yes, I’m still on crutches, and yes, I realize I shouldn’t be driving while still using crutches, but I did not drive with the crutches, so I felt that was a fair trade-off. While it didn’t at first feel great pivoting my foot from the gas to the break and back, I eventually found a midpoint that was comfortable and made it easy. I will be driving myself to my doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so if the physician’s assistant tells me I need to stay on the crutches a bit longer, I’ll have to sneak out of there without anyone seeing me getting into the driver’s side of my car. Lucky for me, I’m a ninja.

That’s about it for today. Since blogs with photos are fun, I will leave you with a super stellar Teddy Roosevelt picture that my husband sent me to me today. I have this “thing” for certain historical figures and Teddy tops the list. I think it’s the mustache.



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