Day 15: unicorns and coffee


Oh hey, magical unicorn! Side note: glad I didn’t bring my stacks of $100 bills to pay for my latte.

That’s how my day started off, so I knew right out of the gate that it was going to be pretty freaking fantastic.

That’s right, friends: THE STITCHES ARE OUT! “Oh what a glorious feeeeeeling!” Dammit,  I can’t wait to shower tomorrow morning without having to spend the extra 10 minutes tightly securing three layers of strategically placed plastic wrap on my thigh. I will sleep in those extra 10 minutes so hard!


Celebrating being stitches-free by jamming to some Beyonce. Don’t judge me.

I do still have to use the crutches, but in a reduced fashion. Score! For longer distances I use both, for shorter distances I can reduce it to one, and around the house I only need them to get up and down the stairs. I’m rapidly approaching Independence Day, and I can’t wait. After another week or so, I should be able to roam all on my own. I will have to get suspenders so I can place my thumbs in them, because I’m pretty sure when a person “roams,” that’s what he/she is supposed to do. The PA who removed my stitches also said that I may be able to start swimming in about three weeks, which is phenomenal news! I really miss the water.

This evening I had my third session of physical therapy and that also went well. (Thank you, unicorn sticker!) I was given two new exercises, and I was told that next week I get to start the more “intense” exercises. That’s not to sell short my session today. I don’t have 100% mobility back in my right leg as of yet, so when Jen had me do leg raises today, I. Was. Struggling. I’m talking sweaty brow, gripping the sides of the table, gritting  my teeth struggling, and I only had to do 10 of those. I’m not sure if I’m now dreading or looking forward to next week. I guess a little bit of both. The long and short of it is that I’m getting stronger and healing quite quickly. Oh, unicorn sticker, you’re magical powers went to good use, I assure you.

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