Day 20: My GGs

Today was Grunt Girl Racing’s first meeting of the 2013 season, and it was exactly what I needed to snap me out of my “I wish I could go for a run” funk. One would think that getting together with a bunch of athletes at a cycling store and discussing the 2013 race season would pretty much send me over the edge, and while that was a bit of a fear of mine, my apprehension was quelled by the presence of my friends and possible new teammates.

Some day...(wipes drool from corner of mouth)

Some day…(wipes drool from corner of mouth)

One of our new sponsors this season will be Portage Cyclery, and this is where we held our meeting. The afternoon started off with a group ride lead by Stacy, our team president, and so I limped amongst the ladies (and one man) and snapped some pics of the super cool training space…oh, and the bike of my dreams.


Afterwards we had a meet ‘n greet featuring tasty “recovery” cupcakes from Sweet Little Things, and then it was on to business. We discussed the races the team would be featuring this year, our new uniform design, membership, and training, and with each new topic my excitement grew. Though I will not be competing this year in triathlon (actually, the only race I have scheduled is a half-marathon – my first ever – in October), I was super stoked just thinking about volunteering and cheering on the other girls at the races this year.

Stacy and me

Stacy and me

While 2013 will be “un-event-full” for me (See what I did there?), I am thrilled to continue my membership on this team of inspiring and powerful ladies. Here’s to the 2013 season of Grunt Girl Racing!

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