Day 21: Physical therapy is intense like camping…

…because camping is done “in tents.” Dammit, I am hilarious!

The dreaded “intense” physical therapy session was this morning, and though I am definitely sore, it went a lot better than I had anticipated.

As usual, Jen started me off on the stationary bike, and though the ride is always only for 5 minutes with no resistance whatsoever, it is still a highlight for me every time since it actually feels like I’m working out. We then moved onto the stretches, which today entailed a couple of new ones specifically for the hip flexor. Frankly, the first of the two felt great. While the tendon was definitely tight, the stretching was a welcoming feeling (though I could tell I would pay for it later). She then had me lie on my stomach for the second of the two stretches. This one was in fact a little bit painful. I bent my leg at the knee and she then lifted my entire leg upwards. The first time she did this, I felt the hip flexor move and stretch and a vibration zipped right up my backside forcing a “whew” out of me that caused her to ask me if I was ok. I was surprised by how that slight movement caused so much sensation, but I was fine, because I’m a bad ass. Just saying.

Of course no physical therapy session is complete without doing a set of my favorite exercise: leg raises. Oh, how I have come to abhor this seemingly simple activity! I shake my fist of frustration at them. However, the day finished with some leg presses (set on zero resistance, but I was ecstatic nonetheless to be on an actual machine) and then a lovely 10 minute ice session.

I am now only two weeks away from being able to start swimming. I even have a reminder set with a jazzy little alarm in the calendar on my phone, not that I need it. I or course had to order a brand new bathing suit for the big day. Man, I can’t wait to feel that cool chlorinated hug.

I hope everyone had a super MLK Jr. Day. It is pretty darn cold here in the suburbs of Cleveland, so stay warm out there friends. Those of you in the warmer climates, run one outside for me, please!

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One Response to Day 21: Physical therapy is intense like camping…

  1. fitbit8 says:

    It’s cold here in Chicago too, measly 9 degree day!! stay warm!! 🙂


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