Day 23: Adjusting just fine

This is the week where I’m down to one crutch for longer distances and free to move sans-crutch about the English wing and my house. I even climbed the stairs at home all on my own while holding stuff (a cell phone)! I feel comfortable on the stairs at my house, but I still don’t feel comfortable at school. The last thing I need is to slip in a melted snow puddle, fall down the stairs, take out six freshmen and in the process maybe a few of the slower upperclassmen, and the kid in the walking boot (there’s always one). No, I’ll save that milestone for next week.

I’ve noticed definite improvements in my mobility, strength, and stamina this week. For the past few days, I haven’t been as sore at the end of the work day as I was last week, and when I get home (except for those nights when I have to scrub wine stains out of carpet), I can get my resting and icing in to help with any lingering inflammation and slight pain. My physical therapy has definitely helped, but I think a major factor has been making sure to keep up with the exercises at home. I can’t stress it enough, injured/recovering folks: do your physical therapy!

Speaking of which, I need to get in my exercises for the day, so have a good night everyone. Pool countdown: 12 more days!


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