Day 24: Holy crap, do I feel great!

My hip and leg felt stupendous all day. Huzzah! While I know I shouldn’t get too worked up about it, (quoth the P.A.: “You’ll have good days and bad days”) I still feel like shouting for joy! I was driving home when this realization struck me and it was all I could do not to throw my hands up and cheer. Obviously that would’ve been very dangerous, which I instantly realized. I’m just really cautious like that. (<–BLATANT LIE ALERT)

While I know I’m bound to have a few more “bad days,” having this one extraordinary day filled me with a hope that I haven’t felt in a l o n g time. To say to myself that I will soon be pain-free and active once more is one thing, but to finally¬†believe it is something truly wonderful. This mental boost was much-needed and well received.

Pool countdown: only 11 more days until I make a splash! My “Welcome Back to the Water” care package was delivered as soon as I arrived home from work. Yes, the fates were good to me today.

Speedo, and USMS, and Foggle, oh my!

Speedo, and USMS, and Foggle, oh my!

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