Day 25: Friday Fun Day!

While today was not the “great” hip and leg day I had yesterday, I braved THREE sets of stairs (work, home, and restaurant) without crutches and with minimal discomfort. I think it was the fates’ way of challenging my newfound feeling of steadiness.  Of course I annihilated those stairs (at, like, a really slow pace, one step at a time, with a little bit of grimacing here and there). I may not have been jumping up and down a la Rocky Balboa once I reached the top, but it still felt great to be able to climb all on my own. Next week I will be off the crutches completely, and now that I’ve dominated stairs, I’m not nearly as nervous about going without crutches as I was when I moved down to using only one.

Melissa and me

Melissa and me…and our fun hats.

Tonight was actually a special night in that I met up with friends to celebrate the birthday of lovely lady Melissa. First we hit up Lilly Handmade Chocolates in Tremont followed by drinks and dinner at the Tremont Tap House. I think everyone at the shindig was a runner of some kind, whether they run to stay fit or compete in ultras. It felt great to be around that energy. Not once did I feel sorry for myself as they spoke about and planned their runs for tomorrow. All that talk actually energized me. As soon as I got home I completed my physical therapy exercises. I was feeling motivated by everyone’s yearly race goals…and by the chocolate, and the butternut squash risotto, and the Duvel. Don’t judge me.

Fun freedom, fun friends, fun times, fun day! Happy weekend everyone!

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