Day 26: the dailies are nearing an end

Sometimes I can’t believe my own incredible luck. I have been healing so well and so quickly from my surgery, it is quite stunning. It’s hard to believe that in 9 days I will be back in the pool. What is perhaps even more stunning is that less than a month ago I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without being in more pain once I reached the top than when I started the ascent. Now I can climb with relative ease. Sure there is a little soreness and I’m quite slow, but I can feel myself moving more quickly every day, and the pain is not in my groin or hip; it’s just muscle soreness that goes away after a relatively short period of time. Very, very lucky indeed.

When I started blogging about the surgery and my recovery, my intended plan was to blog every day for an entire year. Truthfully, I thought I would have a lot more material since at first we all thought I was going to be in a brace, that I would be on crutches for up to 6 weeks, that I was going to struggle more with walking and physical therapy, etc. However, now that there isn’t much in the way to write about on a daily basis (regarding recovery that is), I have decided that starting February 1st – one month after I started this adventure in post-surgery/recovery blogging – I will instead post weekly on Sundays.

Having said that, I’m off to ice. I think my leg is a little pissed at me that it has to do all the work again. It’ll get over that soon, though, and then it’ll be thanking me. Take that, leg!

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