Day 29: “Have A Nice Day”

Sooo…I may have slightly overreacted yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling much better but still sore. I counted it a victory, however, that I no longer felt like vomiting or crying or both. Success! I was able to get around more easily than yesterday, and I knew that my 5:30 physical therapy session would be helpful.

However, I still don’t trust the stairs, and so I have gone to great lengths (not really) to make myself a little more “aware” of my surroundings.

the garage stairs

the garage stairs

I swear I'm not crazy.

I swear I’m not crazy.

sign 1

I feel the expletive adds a sense of urgency

Physical therapy, as always, was great, but the cosmos must have sent a clear message to my super cool PT team at the Richard E. Jacobs Cleveland Clinic because they were extra nice and helpful to me today. Jen had read on the Clinic’s fancy shmancy computer system about my situation (a la my panicky phone calls and the voicemail left by the PA yesterday). She told me that every one of her hip patients suffered setbacks. She also hit the nail on the head when she said that her patients had a tendency to beat themselves up for their carelessness. She agreed that I was suffering from inflammation, to keep up with the Advil and the icing, and to just take it easy. In a couple of days, I should feel right as rain (that was for my husband – Matrix reference, babe! Woot woot!)

While I was talking to Jen about my dramatic ordeal, Stephen popped over while his client was working on some exercises. Jen told him what happened and he was reassuring and kind. As I was about to leave, Madelyn walked over to say hello. I hadn’t seen her in a while, and when she heard that I had the surgery, she wanted to see how I was faring.

I know I’ve said this before, but I will say it again because I feel so strongly about it: my physical therapy team is AHH – MAY – ZING! I left feeling much better about my setback, my recovery, and my future in general. Thank you friendly psychic calendar by the check-in desk. I did!


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