Time flies…

Fact: I’m not the only person who has been looking around, arms stretched outward, head tossed back exclaiming to all who are in earshot “Where has this year gone!” What is it about 2013? The fact that it’s going to be May in three days, that I only have five weeks of work left before the “summer of glory,” and that the racing season is already here is quite mind-boggling. I need to digest these items one at a time.

May The month of May is  National Runner’s Month. I would like to pretend I was cool enough to just know that information, but I only found out this morning after opening my weekly Sunday email from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Still, I’m taking my regularly scheduled spam mail as a sign of hope. May 1st will mark four months post surgery for me (I say again, “Where in the hell did the time go!”), and the lowest end of the when-can-Jen-start-running-benchmark (measured by time only, not progress) is FOUR months. There are of course some factors to be considered. One, my strength. I’ve really been trying to keep up with my physical therapy both at the Clinic and at home, and I feel confident I have that aspect covered. Two, my head. As excited as I am to get back into running, I’m  10x more than that petrified to do so. I shudder to think of going through this again. I’ve lost two solid race seasons due to this injury, surgery, and recovery, and though I have learned much, I know I would lose my s*** if I was to get injured again. I have to put all of my faith and trust in Stephen, Jen, and Dr. Rosneck, and that is not an easy feat for someone like me (or any athlete, I can imagine); however, I will continue to do so because I know they know best.

Summer This will be my first summer in five years not training for races. My friends’, sponsors’, and team’s Facebook, Twitter, forums, websites, and blogs have been cranking up with announcements, posts, and well-wishes for all this coming season’s races. Seeing and reading all of those posts last year was excruciatingly painful, more so than my injury. This year, however, the pain has subsided. I am genuinely excited for the season, even if I can’t race in any triathlons. I look forward to volunteering at different races and cheering on my teammates at our signature GG races and sponsored events. I will be swimming Big Shoulders in September, and up in until then I plan to spend as much time in the lake and pool as possible. I will also be taking some road trips, finishing painting our house, enjoying cooking in our new kitchen, playing with the cats, taking long walks through the woods, hanging out with friends and their babies, attending two weddings of four fantastic people, and more. This summer is going to make the bitter memory of last year’s misery disappear. Huzzah!

*My husband, Mark, just popped into our office and asked if this blog was about us celebrating our 16-year anniversary this past Friday. I was sorry to say that it is not, but I can certainly attest to the fact that yes, the past 16 years have also seemed to fly by. Here’s to time slowing down a bit.

I know what you're thinking: I was a catch in 1997.

I know what you’re thinking: I was a catch in 1997.

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