This is not a New Year’s post

Ok, I lied. But I will have you know that I gave a lot of thought to how I was going to approach this post. Clearly my biggest focus during the past year was healing and getting back to the activities I love, but I certainly experienced a lot more than that. Here are the highlights from my 2013, both in words and pictures.


January was the trickiest of the months. I was completely unable to move my right leg for two weeks. I had to be driven everywhere and use crutches to get around. The bright side: by the end of the month, my arms never looked better.


The shortest month of the year certainly felt like the longest. There was no shortage of blogging material between opening my last play with the drama club, snapping the scar tissue in my leg and having to be carted off in the ambulance in front of all of my coworkers, and getting back into the pool for the first time.  Let’s not forget that the same evening I went to the hospital I got to pee in a cup in the hallway since they didn’t have a room for me, and my dad was locked in the bathroom do to an errant gurney. Thanks for the good times, February!


March was great. I was coming along just swell with my healing and physical therapy, but what made the month 100 times more wonderful was when my sister got married. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing their loved ones beaming with love and joy? I adore my brother-in-law, and I love how he makes my sister smile.


I continued my journey with a lovely visit to my surgeon, Dr. Rosneck, who informed me that I could – to use his words – “go nuts” on the stationary bike. It was music to my ears as I was very eager to dial up the intensity of my cardio. Spring was in the air, and I was getting geared up to run.


Just when I thought February was a rough month, along came May. I was very sick forphoto-41 almost the entire month with what was horribly misdiagnosed as bronchitis and a sinus infection. I would find out towards the end of the month, when I started to cough up blood, that I actually had pneumonia. Being sick that long and that severely completely derailed the plans to get me back into running. I would like to forget this month ever happened. Still, what doesn’t kills us…


Ah, the month of magic! School wrapped up for the year, and though it was a hurried (and sweaty) goodbye, it was also a bittersweet. The school was going to be torn down and we would move into a new building in September. June was the month I was able to ride my bike outside for the first time in over a year. And perhaps the best moment of all was when I jogged with my newly improved and pain-free hip. Melancholy May was SO over.


In a nutshell, July was ridiculous, but in the best possible ways. I was sent on a work conference with a motley crew of coworkers…and had a complete blast! Sure we had to drive 9 hours from Philadelphia when our connecting flight was cancelled, but I also had the opportunity to get to know some of the people I work with that I don’t see on a daily basis. Despite the travel woes, we had some great laughs. I also competed in my first race in over a year when I swam the 1-mile O*H*I*O Masters Lake Erie Open Water Classic. I was beyond ecstatic when I crossed the finish line. I finally felt like myself.


August was a busy month, but it was chock full of adventures. I helped to launch a local sports magazine, participated in a swim clinic that essentially changed my life, and went on a fantastic vacation with my mother to the happiest place on earth – Walden Pond. I was done healing and was smack in the middle of a workout groove. I was running on the treadmill consistently, biking outside, and swimming like a woman possessed. I absorbed as much of the last few days of summer as I could, and it was glorious.


The ninth month of the year was filled with some pretty darn signifigant events. I returned to work in a newly built high school. Mark and I traveled to Hilton Head to be a part of the beautiful wedding of our close friends Adam and Kathryn.  Oh, and I swam THREE MILES in Lake Michigan at the Big Shoulder’s 5k Swim Challenge in Chicago with  two lovely ladies, Karen and Carolyn. In summation, September totally kicked ass.


My favorite weather month of the year was pretty quiet. I finally felt acclimated to the new high school and I had hit my stride with my classes. I dressed up like Stevie Nicks for Halloween (the kids thought I was a witch, so they were kind of right) and our “summer” remodel of the kitchen was finally completed. Last but not least, I took my new and improved hip out for it’s first post-surgery jog outside on the trails. Yawp!


I completely dominated this month. Not only did I hit my goal of running 20 consecutivephoto-44 minutes on the treadmill, I exceeded that goal by 5 minutes. The weather started to turn cold, but I was not going to let that deter me from my final running goal of the year. The big one. The running goal of all running goals. That’s right: I ran on the pavement. The cold, hard, unforgiving asphalt. It. Was. Awesome. Eleven months post surgery, and I was finally doing the one thing that pained me the most the year prior. The month was rounded out with a cabin camping trip with my rad sister-in-law and her husband, and a Thanksgiving surprise when my parents announced they are taking my sister, my brother-in-law, Mark and me on a trip to Aruba this summer. November? More like YES-vember!


Like many of the other months in this seemingly fleeting last year, December is a bit of a blur. Mark and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary by taking another trip to Massachusetts. We drove into Boston and hung out in Bean Town for a couple of days, then we made our way to Concord so we could ring in 2014 at the lovely, antiquated, charming Colonial Inn (where Mark proposed to me). We hiked the half-frozen pond and  completely frozen trails of Walden Woods, and then we hopped in our car and got the hell out of Dodge a day early when we heard about “Snow Storm Hercules” bearing down on the east coast. Despite having to cut the trip short, it felt grand to have sauntered around my favorite place with my favorite person, especially when only one year ago I wasn’t able to saunter anywhere.

My 2012 was a virtual roller coaster, and my 2013 was a lot of hard work with amazing results. What will 2014 be like? Well, that blog is a year in the making.

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  1. Great post. I am looking forward to hearing about 2014


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