Embrace the suck (W5 of base-building)

During my recovery last week, I definitely slacked off a little, but I had every intention of picking that up this week. Intention is the key word here. Actually, the week started off great but unfortunately it did not end well. The two biggest issues were that I had to “fake” taper due to my swim meet on Saturday but then ended up getting sick. Guess that slack will have to be picked up next week. Here’s a glance at week five.

Monday: off

Nothing exciting here. I am going to have to shift my days off from Friday to Monday on a permanent basis, but that’s easily done.

Tuesday: warm-up run and lift

My recovery week was definitely over. The previous lifting exercises were classified as AA, or anatomical adaptation. Four weeks of that ensured I was familiar and comfortable with the all of the exercises and moves. Beginning with Tuesday’s workout, all lifting exercises are classified at MS, or maximum strength, for the next four weeks. In short, it means I’m going to be s o r e. I started each of my exercises with a light weight at 15 reps. Each set I completed I did fewer reps, but I also had to increase the weight. For a couple of exercises, it wasn’t that much of a challenge, which made me think that my starting weight was too light. But for others, such as the seated row, I could barely complete my last two sets. It was a challenging workout, but I enjoyed it. It was only supposed to last 40 minutes, but it took me 55 minutes; however, I added on an extra exercise, so that accounted for some of the time.

Wednesday: swim

I woke up early and headed to the pool. Though I find it very challenging to get up that early in the morning (as well as hard to leave my house to go swimming when there’s snow on the ground), I’m always happy when I leave work and realize that my workout for the day is already complete. The workout called for 6 x 50, which I completed in addition to a 450 yard warm-up for a total of 1300 yards.

Thursday: day off

Considering the swim meet on Saturday, I decided to give myself another day off. Though I wasn’t exactly tapering by only taking off two days,  I figured I’d give myself a little break since I was scheduled to swim the 50 and the 1650. Not to mention, I was feeling pretty pooped out when I got home from work, which was probably foreshadowing what was to come.

Friday: run

Due to the swim meet, I decided to rearrange my weekend schedule. I moved my Saturday run to Friday, which worked out great. The sun was shining and the temperatures were soaring in the high 40s, so I took advantage of the “spring” weather and went for a 45 minute run at the Rocky River Reservation. It was lovely. I was a little tired, but the sunshine and fresh air seemed to energize me. That evening, however, I began to feel really worn out and sort of, well, blah. I know what you’re thinking: she’s a wordsmith, that one

Saturday: bike and strength training…sort of

When I woke up Saturday morning, things had gone from bad to worse. My eyes were horribly red and itchy, and for a moment I feared the worst: pink eye (thank you Bob Costas). I had to make the tough decision to not compete in the swim meet, which really bummed me out. Later in the afternoon, the sneezing and runny nose began. Long story short: sinus infection. I did manage to ride my bike, and by ride I mean I sat on it and I peddled a little. I also managed some strength training, and by that I mean I laid on my yoga mat and did some vacuums while simultaneously trying to prevent the mucus from slipping into the back of my throat. Gross, I know, but I feel the details really help to paint a clear picture. The rest of the day was spent doing absolutely nothing.

Sunday: more of absolutely nothing

My sinus infection took on a life of its own and decided to take over my entire head. Lucky me! Needless to say, I will not be attempting any sort of workout today, unless you count sneezing, which is a painfully excellent abs workout.

photo 1-19

Swollen, itchy red eyes and a red, raw nose: no one wants to see that

W5 Planned Duration: 5:15

W5 Completed Duration: 4:05

While I wasn’t able to get completely back on track this week, at least my laziness was not to blame. Silver lining? You betcha. I’ve lost a couple pounds and I’m more toned, so the plan is definitely working. Woohoo!

As for being sick, I’m actively trying to drown the virus with green tea. I’m hoping between today and tomorrow off I will feel good enough to begin week six of my base-building on Tuesday. Time will tell. Fingers crossed the virus will get the hint and leave, the big jerk. 

Food Review

photo 2-19For breakfasts I made the egg muffins again, but this time I added red peppers. I realized that I could add whatever I wanted to the muffins since they’re really just tiny frittatas. Next time I’m going to play around a little more with fillings. For dinner on Sunday, I made the Soba Noodles with Beef, Asparagus & Mushrooms (bottom pic) and OH MY GOD was it delicious! It was filed in the book as one of the more “challenging” dishes to make, and I found it to be ridiculously easy. I’m going to be making it for dinner again tonight so Mark can try it. For my lunches this week, I made the Wheat Berry Salad With Feta & Olives (middle pic), and it was delicious! This was another very easy dish to make. The only thing I plan on changing for next time is I will put in less red onion, and I won’t add the onion or the vinegar until I’m ready to serve/eat. As the ingredients marinated over the course of the week, the onions and vinegar began to overpower all of the other flavors. Still, it was tasty and filling. This book – Racing Weight Cookbook by Fitzgerald and Fear – is proving to be an excellent purchase. Everything I’ve made thus far has been easy to put together, healthy, filling, and delicious.

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