Rain Shmain

What a week! The seniors finished up their last days of high school (I didn’t cry too much), my friend Moffat (Beth, but we never call her that) came from Columbus for a visit AND brought me cookies from my favorite bakery, Mark and I celebrated our friend’s 30th birthday (welcome to your 30s, LIG!), and I ran a (very soggy) 5K this morning. I over did it with the parentheses, didn’t I?

The Girls With Sole LULA 5K was great, despite being very, very wet. Not too far into the first mile, the skies opened up and drenched us. I’m not a huge fan of running in the rain, but today it was actually really fun. It certainly helps when you’re surrounded by 300 other rain-soaked smiley runners. Despite the crummy weather, lots of people came out to volunteer and cheer. After awhile, I hardly noticed the downpour…until my sunblock started running into my eyes and began burning my retinas. It only stung for a little over a mile.

I started my watch a little late, forgot to turn it off right after I crossed the finish line, and never bothered to look up at the clock so I have no idea what my time was. The weird thing is that I don’t really care. I had too much fun playing in the rain with my friends to worry about time.

soaked but smiling

soaked but smiling

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