This is happening.

Six. More. Days. I can’t remember the last time I felt this nervous about a race. Granted, I haven’t been racing much in the past two years, but as the kids says, this one has me “rattled.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m super jazzed. I’ve been training really hard and I feel ready. But maybe that’s the reason why I’m all in my head about it. I feel ready and I just want it to be here! Meh, patience was never my strong suit.

Treated myself to a new outfit for the big day. I may not place in my AG, but I'll look cute and feel warm!

Treated myself to a new outfit for the big day. I may not place in my AG, but I’ll look cute and feel warm!

Something else I didn’t remember: how much tapering s u c k s. And this is still the early stages. Those of you who have trained for a big race, you feel me right now. Those of you who haven’t, welcome to your future! Here are your basic four phases of tapering. Yours may vary, but for the most part, you will feel all of these feels.

Phase 1: the crushing waves of guilt whenever you eat because you know you can’t “burn it off.” I know in my head that I’m not actually gaining weight, but try telling that to the taper crazies who have nested in the portion of my brain that processes logic.

Phase 2: doing anything to burn off the extra energy. I expect that in a day or two my house will be immaculate once I start cleaning to help release the energy pent-up from reducing my mileage so drastically. The cats will be bathed and their claws clipped. All of the laundry will be done. My closet will be organized then reorganized. Labels will be made and printed for all of my folders at work. ALL OF THEM, I SAY!

Phase 3: raging bitch mode, which is usually and rapidly followed by…

Phase 4: a euphoric giggly mood.

Tapering: it ain’t pretty, but it is a necessary evil. In the meantime, I have a few light workouts scheduled this week in the way of a slow 30-minute jog on Tuesday and Thursday. I will spend Wednesday and Friday walking, no doubt aimlessly, out on the trails. On Saturday, I will pick up my race packet, get all of my gear organized, and question myself several times as to why in the hell did I, a 5K’er, sign up to run a FREAKING HALF MARATHON.

Food Talk

Last week I tried my hand at another Cookie and Kate recipe: her easy brown rice risotto. You’ll note a couple of things, the first being my picture and her picture do not match up. I definitely need to play around with this recipe a little bit, but the flavor was still good. Mine did not thicken up like hers did, but again, I know what I need to tweak in order to get that true, creamy risotto consistency. I also forgot to buy oregano, which definitely would’ve added another (and needed) dimension of flavor. The verdict: tasty, and I’ll definitely try my hand at it again.

Terrible picture, but it still hit the spot

Terrible picture, but it still hit the spot

IMG_0162On Sunday, I downloaded the ebook The Best Paleo Recipes of 2014. For all of you Paleo junkies out there, this is straight up food porn. Oh, the recipes! The book, which is a collection of deliciousness put together by some of our beloved, popular Paleo chefs and bloggers, is carefully organized by meal, but you can also search for recipes by your favorite contributor. So far I’ve only made one recipe, and it was scrumptious. blogger Cassy Joy Garcia included her recipe for “The Breakfast Salad,” which combines the best of an egg salad and guacamole. Consisting of hardboiled eggs, tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, and miniature sausage meatballs (she calls for pork, but I used turkey), this dish is colorful, creamy, and savory. Though the recipe notes that you can mix everything IMG_0219together and store it covered for up to three days, I chose to prepare all of the ingredients and store them separately. I didn’t want the potent red onion overpowering the rest of the ingredients as they marinated together, and I was afraid the texture of the meatballs would be affected by the acid from the lemon. This morning I woke up 5 minutes earlier than usual, which afforded me plenty of time to combine, stir, and package up an individual portion. I can’t wait to make more of these tasty treats!



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