Here’s how I’m basically going to kill it in 2015


  • I’m wearing the boot for my stress fracture, but that means faster healing, which means getting me back to my running game.
  • I’m going to beat my 50 free PR at the Pieter Cath Memorial swim meet, which shouldn’t be that difficult because holy crap, 38 seconds is really slow.
  • AND I’m one of the new writers for the hugely awesome blog Salty Running. No big deal. #ohmygodthisistotallyamazingineverywaypossible


  • I’m seeing Fleetwood Mac on the 18th, and though this is not a direct reflection of my killing it, I will kill it vicariously through Stevie Nicks, who always slays.


  • I’ll be able to check March off of my list of Walden Pond visits as I will be traveling to my home-away-from-home February 27th through March 2nd.
  • I’ll register for the Big Shoulders 5K swim when it opens on March 1st. Gulp!


  • I will submit all of my tax paperwork on time, because I’m prompt like that.
  • I’ll find a local 5K that peaks my interest, and I’ll win my age group. Gauntlet. Thrown.


  • I will begin to prepare for the end of the school year, which is always chaotic and insane.
  • I will put all of my badass swim skills that I learned over the winter to the test as OWS season begins in my beloved Lake Erie.


  • I will steel myself when it comes time to say goodbye for the summer to my juniors, some of whom I’ve had since they were sophomores. I will not cry…in front of them…much.
  • I will travel once more to Massachusetts to compete in the MRA Multisport Summer Solstice Triathlon for the second year in a row, and I will utterly crush my PR. Boom.
  • I will begin watching my adorable new nephew one day a week, and we will go on adventures, and I will read to him the Harry Potter series, and there will be ice cream. Yes, ice cream, I say!


  • I will travel to Hopkins, Michigan to compete in my first OLY of the season (second OLY ever): the 3 Disciplines Dream, Believe, Achieve triathlon. Afterwards, I will inhale a delicious Wolfgang’s breakfast as this race is located only minutes away from my other home-away-from-home, Grand Rapids.


  • I will compete in my second and last OLY of the season: the HFP Racing Linwood Park triathlon in Vermilion, and I will try very hard not to walk my bike up the infamous scary big hill.
  • I will also be volunteering at the Greater Cleveland Triathlon.
  • I will begin my 12th year in teaching high school English. I will wonder, as I do every year, where has the time gone?


  • I will beat my PR at the Big Shoulders 5K swim in Chicago. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…


  • I’m sure I will run and (hopefully) place in at least one 5K this month, but even if I don’t, I will enjoy getting in some long miles on the trails during my favorite time of year.


  • Perhaps another end-of-year 5K win.
  • I will begin putting together my training plan for 2016.


  • I will eat all of the food. All of it.
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